Broken Nest, yet Finding my Wing


6-15-08 MommyNest


The Gently-Stressed Statues

of Mommy-nests

Had to

Hold All the Stories

of the “Not – ME – Yets”

H.A.S.G. 6/27/08

Thursday, June 19th, I was hospitalized for two weeks.  The first half felt like Disney World – where joy and miracles abounded, the best dreams for the least of the Dreamers could see the light of day.  After a week though, it was as if I stepped into the Tower of Terror, falling to the unspeakable depths of something as foreign and shocking as Guantanamo Bay.  The metaphor sounds extreme, but so was the transformation I experienced from being ensconced in the safest, warmest healing environment in which a human can alight to winding up ensnared in the fear and trauma of falling down the rabbit hole of a very powerful institution.  Hallelujah I’m home now.  And here’s hoping this blog can be the venue for telling my story – to tell about my unquiet and bombarded, yet otherwise bonny mind.


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