T minus 8 & Counting: “Test 1- 2- 3-? This is Benny on the dispatch. Yo! Attencion, yo! Attention?” [Courtesy @InTheHeightstheMusical]


Tonight’s homemade, ever-unpolished nightgown nightcap performance is brought to you by Heather Hailian and her Sympathetic Vibrations.

Please, help me welcome to stage the birth of my new, artistic, experimental endeavor: “Where the Frick Have You Been?” (Original song is “Where Have You Been” by Kathy Mattea.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give our nervous Shang Hai Li-Heather Lian a calm, quiet but warm welcome?

[All right – please take a tech. momentary break while I try to figure out how to upload my first ever QuickTime music video creation……..]:

*”Star” “Date?” (My husband and I had one of those back around the age of the dinosaurs. Umm, I’m pretty sure the year was: 2001. Hey, it was fun. Maybe he and I should do it again sometime? If I ever get to find out “where has _he_ been all of our SoulMated Lives? ~ 10-23-2014 03:43 Hours. HG Alone. In her Master Bedroom Studio*

….ANNOUNCING: Where the FRICK _Have_ You Been?…… To be seen @HeatherGrohe’s Dropbox JukeBox!



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